Plants vs. Zombies

1.9.13 for iPhone

The Zombies invade the garden of your iPhone




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A horde of zombies is invading your home and your mission is to prevent it, but forget about using a full arsenal of weapons and an army of super soldiers , because the only weapons you can use are plants, yes, and highly destructive ones.

Plants Vs. Zombies is a classic tower defense game, in this case the place to defend is your house and the attackers are the zombies that are like caricatures. More that 26 types of zombies: you'll see them wearing zinc cubes and cones for hats, reading the newspaper, athletes... and in order to defend yourself from them, you need to plant 49 different types of plants among which you will find mushrooms, carnivores, explosives and ones that shoot traps and ones that shoot twice...Ah! and Of course the sunflowers, essential for increasing the production of suns which allow you to grow more plants at a faster pace.

Select plants that are best suited to the hordes of zombies that are about to arrive. Each game you can use up to six different types of plants. Each time you get to a new level, you get a new plant to face up the next attack, but occasionally the fool of your neighbour will visit you and give you some tips to attack enemies more efficiently.

Plants Vs Zombies is a great game, with rich graphics and music that will stick in your head, keeping you stuck for a long time defending yourself against those zoombies.
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